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Kraftify™ Baby One Hand & Foot Casting Kit - (Only Powders)

Kraftify™ Baby One Hand & Foot Casting Kit - (Only Powders)

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What is inside the kit

  • Molding Powder (325 gm)
  • Casting Powder (500 gm)
  • Testing Molding Powder (25 gm)
  • Testing Casting Powder (50 gm)
  • Instruction

How to use

Keep everything ready, For the best results, it is
recommended to choose a container that matches
the size of your baby's hand and foot.

To begin, take molding powder with cold drinking
water into the container and mix thoroughly
You can mix the powder and water in a (2 : 1)
proportion, For Example (For every 2 parts of water,
use 1 part of powder),
If your baby is below one-year-old, it is
recommended to divide the molding powder packet
into four equal parts and cast hand/foot from it.
However, for babies above one-year-old, it is
advised to divide the packet accordingly.

Gently and smoothly mix the molding powder into
cold water using the mixing tool. Ensure that the
mixture is well blended and any lumps are broken
up. Within 60 seconds of mixing, promptly
insert baby’s hand/foot into the mixture
It's important to break up any small lumps, but
don't worry if there are some minor ones remaining.
The key is to avoid large lumps. Continuously tap
the container to eliminate any trapped air bubbles.

For improved and clear results, it is advisable to
apply oil onto the baby’s hand/foot.

Place hand/foot into the mixture immediately and
ensure it remains stable. It is important to note
that you should avoid touching the bottom or any
walls of the container while keeping your hand

Keep hand/foot stable for a period of 3 to 6
minutes, allowing the mixture to gradually harden.
After this time, gently wiggle the hand/foot to allow
some air to get into the mold. Proceed to carefully
remove the hand/foot from the hardened mixture in a
slow and controlled manner.
Your mold is ready, please follow the instructions
provided in STEP-2 to continue the process.

Set aside 10 grams of Casting Powder separately.
This reserved amount will be used for any
necessary repairs after the casting process, if

In a bowl, thoroughly mix Casting Powder with
normal temperature water, (The ideal ratio for this
the mixture is to mix every 100 grams of casting stone
powder with 40ml of water). Use a gentle and soft
mixing motion to ensure the powder is well mixed.

Carefully and gently mix the Casting Powder into
the normal temperature water, ensuring a smooth
and controlled motion to prevent the formation of
air bubbles. Aim for a consistency similar to that
of dosa batter—neither too thick nor too thin.

Begin by filling the mold with the 25-30% of the
mixture. Then tilt the mold gently to ensure that
the mixture reaches every edge and corner.
Gradually pour the remaining mixture into the
mold, filling it up slowly. While doing so, tap and
vibrate the mold very gently using your hands.
This will help eliminate any air bubbles that may
be trapped within the mixture.

Allow the mixture to dry for a period of 4-5 hours.
Once the drying time has elapsed, carefully
remove the rubbery mold from the casting. Allow
the cast to dry for an additional 30 minutes. After
the drying period, you may proceed with any
necessary finishing work.

If you notice any particles or small imperfections
on the cast, there's no need to worry as this is a
normal occurrence. You can easily remove these
particles by gently using a wooden stick or knife.

Your cast is now finished. If you wish to color it,
it's recommended to wait for 2-3 days. After this
drying period

Do's & Don't

  • Too thin or too thick a mix can cause lumpiness. If the mix is too thin, there isn't enough internal friction to work out the dry spots in the mix. If the mix is too thick, there isn't enough water to do the same. Careful measuring is critical.
  • Use Cold water to increase the setting time of Molding mix. Cold water makes Molding Powder set slower. Please do not use warm water for mixing Molding powder, otherwise it will decrease setting time of mixture.
  • Measure carefully, use good water and a good mixing technique and you'll be fine. We test our Molding Powder rigorously and we don't let bad product out of our warehouse.

Happiness Checklist

kraftify happiness checklist


1. What is a baby hand casting kit?
A baby hand casting kit is a DIY craft kit that allows parents or caregivers to create a three-dimensional replica of their baby's hand or foot. It typically includes materials such as molding powder, casting material, and detailed instructions for creating a lasting keepsake of a baby's tiny hands or feet.

2.Is it safe for my baby's skin?
Most baby hand casting kits are designed to be safe for a baby's delicate skin. Our molding material is very much skin-friendly and skin-friendly.

3.At what age can I use a baby hand casting kit?
Baby hand casting kits are typically recommended for use with infants and toddlers up to about 10 years old. Babies' hands and feet grow quickly, and it's easier to capture their tiny features during this period.

4. How long does the casting process take?
It generally takes around 5-15 minutes to create the mold and an additional 6-7 hours for the casting material to fully harden.

5. Are these casts durable?
The durability of the cast depends on the materials used and how well they are taken care of. While these casts are generally long-lasting, they should be handled with care to avoid chipping or breaking. Here we provide casitng stone powder which is harder and more durable than pop unlike other kits.

6. Can I make more than one cast with a single kit?
Our kit is designed for one hand & one foot casting, but for babies below one year old you can cast both hands & both feet.

Now Preserve Your Most Precious Moments With Kraftify Baby Hand Casting Kit.

🎁 All In One Do it Yourself Kit

✋ Preserve Very Fine & Minute Details

👌 High Quality Material

✅ Non –toxic & Very much Safe for Babies' Sensitive Skin

💝 Perfect Gift To Create an Everlasting Memory

(Cute Gift For Babies)  


Representing All In One Do It Yourself Kraftify Hand Casting Kit For Babies, A Distinctive Way To Preserve Your Adorable Babies' Tiny Littile Hands & Feet Memories In Physical Form! 

  • Kraftify Baby Hand Casting Kit is a perfect gift to Preserve Invaluable Memories. No picture or video can accurately portray the unique moments of your life as a mold that you can hold in your palms.
  • It may be hard to imagine now, but one day you'll be wondering how your child could ever have been that small. Babies grow remarkable quickly over their first few years. A baby hands or feet casting , preserving a moment in time for a mother and child to treasure later, allowing them to see & feel features of tiny cute hands and feet, years later.
  • We help you to remember those precious moments with our 3D Baby Hand Casting Kit. Create a 3D sculpture of your baby's cute little hand & foot with our easy to use and very much safe DIY kit.


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