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Kraftify™ Couple Hand Casting Kit - (Only Powders)

Kraftify™ Couple Hand Casting Kit - (Only Powders)

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What is inside the kit

  • Molding Powder (450 gm)
  • Casting Powder (1000 gm)
  • Testing Molding Powder (25 gm)
  • Testing Casting Powder (50 gm)
  • Instruction

How to use

Keep everything ready, Prior to mixing the molding
powder, it is advisable to practice the desired pose
as you want to make a cast a couple of times using
an empty container. It is recommended to apply oil
to your hands before proceeding with the mixing
process of the molding powder.

To begin, start by pouring 2.5 liters of cold drinking
water into the container. Next,add the entire packet
of molding powder to the water and mix thoroughly
You can mix the powder and water in a (2.5 : 1)
proportion, For Example
(For every 2.5 parts of water, use 1 part of powder)

Gently and smoothly mix the molding powder into
cold water using the mixing tool. Ensure that the
mixture is well blended and any lumps are broken
up. Within 60 seconds of mixing, promptly insert
your hands into the mixture.
It's important to break up any small lumps, but
don't worry if there are some minor ones remaining.
The key is to avoid large lumps. Continuously tap
the container to eliminate any trapped air bubbles.

For improved and clear results, it is advisable to
apply oil to your hands. This will help facilitate
the casting process and ensure better outcomes.
Place your hand into the mixture immediately and
ensure it remains stable. It is important to note that
you should avoid touching the bottom or any walls
of the container while keeping your hand
Keep your hand stable for a period of 3 to 6 minutes,
allowing the mixture to gradually harden.
After this time, gently wiggle your hand to allow
some air to get into the mold. Proceed to carefully
remove your hands from the hardened mixture in a
slow and controlled manner.
Your mold is ready, Please follow the instructions
provided in STEP-2 to continue the process.

Set aside 20 grams of Casting Powder
separately. This reserved amount will be used for
any necessary repairs after the casting process,
if required.

In a bowl, thoroughly mix the entire packet of
Casting Powder with 360ml of normal
temperature water. Use a gentle and soft mixing
motion to ensure the powder is well-mixed.

Carefully and gently mix the Casting Powder into
the normal temperature water, ensuring a
smooth and controlled motion to prevent the
formation of air bubbles. Aim for consistency
similar to that of dosa batter—neither too thick
nor too thin.

Begin by filling the mold with the 25-30% of the
mixture. Then tilt the mold gently to ensure that
the mixture reaches every edge and corner.
Gradually pour the remaining mixture into the
mold, filling it up slowly. While doing so, tap and
vibrate the mold very gently using your hands.
This will help eliminate any air bubbles that may
be trapped within the mixture.

Allow the mixture to dry for a period of 4-5
hours. Once the drying time has elapsed,
carefully remove the rubbery mold from the
casting. Allow the cast to dry for an additional 30
minutes. After the drying period, you may
proceed with any necessary finishing work.

If you notice any particles or small imperfections
on the cast, there's no need to worry as this is a
normal occurrence. You can easily remove these
particles by gently using a wooden stick or knife.

Your cast is now finished. If you wish to color it,
it's recommended to wait for 2-3 days. After this
drying period.

Do's & Don't

  • Too thin or too thick a mix can cause lumpiness. If the mix is too thin, there isn't enough internal friction to work out the dry spots in the mix. If the mix is too thick, there isn't enough water to do the same. Careful measuring is critical.
  • Use Cold water to increase the setting time of Molding mix. Cold water makes Molding Powder set slower. Please do not use warm water for mixing Molding powder, otherwise it will decrease setting time of mixture.
  • Measure carefully, use good water and a good mixing technique and you'll be fine. We test our Molding Powder rigorously and we don't let bad product out of our warehouse.

Happiness Checklist

kraftify happiness checklist


1. What is a couple hand casting kit?
A couple hand casting kit is a DIY kit designed to capture the intricate details of a couple's hands clasped together in a durable and decorative sculpture. It typically includes all the materials and instructions needed to create a memorable keepsake.

2. What does the couple hand casting process involve?
The process involves mixing a molding compound, placing your hands in the compound, allowing it to set, and then pouring a casting material into the mold to create the final sculpture.

3. Is it safe to use?
Yes, our couple hand casting kits are made with non-toxic materials that are safe for skin contact. However, it's essential to follow the instructions carefully to ensure safety and proper usage.

4. How long does it take to complete the casting process?
The casting process typically takes around 30 minutes to an hour, including mixing the molding compound, making the mold, and pouring the casting material. However, the drying or setting time for the materials can vary, so it may take several hours for the sculpture to fully cure.

5. Can we customize our hand sculpture?
Yes, our kits allow for customization by offering options such as different finishes (e.g., metallic, marble), applying color to the casting, or including accessories like a display stand.

6. How durable is the final sculpture?
The durability of the final sculpture depends on the casting material used. Plaster of Paris casts may be more prone to chipping or breaking than those made with casting stone powder. Casts made up from our casting material are more sturdy and durable than casts from Plaster of Paris. When handled with care, our casts can last for years as a cherished keepsake.

7. Can we cast other body parts besides hands?
While couple hand casting kits are specifically designed for capturing hand molds, there are kits available for casting other body parts such as faces, torsos, or even entire bodies. However, these may require more advanced techniques and additional materials.

8. Are there any special considerations for successful casting?
It's essential to ensure that both participants are comfortable and follow the instructions closely to achieve the best results. This includes properly mixing the molding compound, keeping hands steady during the casting process, and allowing enough time for the materials to set and cure.

9. Can we redo the casting if we make a mistake?
It's always a good idea to read the kit's instructions carefully and practice with testing kits first if possible before attempting the final casting.

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How Does It Work:

Key Features:

All In One Do-It-Yourself Kit: Now preserve a moment with your loved ones to treasure later with this DIY kit, The kit includes all the necessary things.

Preserve Very Fine & Minute Details: The unique rubbery mold captures every fine line and fingerprint & minute details.

Non-Toxic & Safe Material: It's non-toxic, very much safe to skin, medically approved material.

Ideal Gift: Giving a gift is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Our 3D Couple Hand Casting Kit is always a hit for whoever you gift it to, plus it’s completely unique!

Unique Quotient:

Making molds is a guaranteed fun for everyone. It is a perfect opportunity for any moment in your life to capture the memory.

Spend unique moments with your loved ones! Molds are a real surprise and the creation process is a unique moment for everyone! 

Thanks to the efficiency and the special recipe from Kraftify Team, making molds is just a step away for anyone. Try a new way of making and keeping memories too! 


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We Use Encrypted SSL Certificate For 100% Security.

Limited Quantity Available – We Sell Out Fast! 

  • -Narendra Fageria

    Just Wow!

    Product is good and very easy to use. The product has video and write up instructions which helps us to do it with perfection. It comes with a trial kit which I believe is very promising. overall nice and affordable and easy to use it.

  • -Nitin Gupta


    This kit is amazing, it has all the necessary tools required for casting. And the quality of the product is at its best. Also contains instructions to make it easier. Must recommend product for customized gifting to your loved ones.

  • -Kukre jha

    Worth The Money

    Good Quality of product😍...and easy to make in 10min. almost at home👍

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